hike #17

FLT Between Townline & Layen Rds and Comfort Rd, Town of Danby – Two Hikes

These two hikes cover the same section of the FLT, but from opposite directions

Hike # 1

Meet-up: corner of Town Line Road and Layen Road

Click here  to see the Google Maps page showing the corner, and the directions and driving time from the library.

This hike starts and ends with a delightful scene. We walk along the edge of a huge field for 15-20 minutes each way – great views out over the inlet valley and into West Hill – and a beautiful expanse of grass stretching to the horizon.

In winter it can be windy and the path along the field can be piled high with drifted snow. In summer there are rolls of hay scattered about, fragrant grapes growing and apple trees brimming with fruit.

The terrain is extremely satisfying – a great example of how the natural landscape can create a mood

Most of the walk is in the woods – nothing spectacular but it’s very pleasing – some moderate ups and downs  —  and one brief but very steep slope that can be quite challenging, depending on conditions.

One curiosity – we pass a small old rock quarry beyond Bruce Hill Road – interesting place.

Portions of the woods that the Trail passes through have been recently logged.

The group usually reaches some open fields beyond Bruce Hill Rd that serve as a turn-around point for this out-and-back hike.

Hike # 2

Meet on Comfort Rd about 1 /4 mile South of Leib Rd.

This Google pin is to the intersection of Comfort and Leib, NOT the meeting location.

Comfort Rd & Leib Rd – Google Maps

Continue South on Comfort Rd to where the FLT turns West into the woodline from Comfort Rd ( look for the normal yellow FLT sign opposite an open field )

This hike used to be in the groups standard hike rotation, but was dropped for a number of years due to hikers concerns about several muddy portions of the trail. The mud is significant enough in some areas of the trail that this hike should be limited to group hikes in the driest summer months or winter months where this FLT section is not subject to trail closures.

The outbound leg of this hike features a descent that is gradual enough that hikers don’t notice the grade until they have to turn around for the return leg of this out-and-back hike.

In addition to the mud there are some stream crossings that require careful navigation.

This hike of the FLT passes through some nice pine woods and along some meadows, and intersects some old logging roads; careful attention to blazes is required at various points along the trail.

This hike ends in the same fields that often serve as a turn around point for Hike # 1 that begins at Layen Rd

This entire section of trail for hike # 2 is subject to hunting season closures, so be sure to check the appropriate FLT map sheets  available at

About Finger Lakes Trail Maps and GPS data

and trail notices available at

Trail Condition Notices – Fingerlakes Trail Conference

for current trail status.

Respect property owner rights and do not hike closed sections of trail.

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