Update #8 — Cook-out at Roger’s

The prospects for swimming don’t look great

Roger has a fantaastic spring-fed pond, and we’ve had great times swimming there at past cook-outs


Here’s Roger’s prediction for swimming conditions this year, as of Tuesday:

“Pond will probably be about 65 COOL. Some may want to swim. If it’s a hot day I’ll likely go in to cool off for a minute or two.” Roger

So don’t bother to bring your bathing suit unless you enjoy cool water.


Refresh your memory of who’s who in the hiking group before you arrive

You may recall that we have a photo album of hiker mug shots and names you can use to jog your memory.

Unfortunetely there are so many shots (132), the full album takes forever to load, unless you goose it. When the album stalls, click on the last photo showing. You’ll get a pop-up. Immediately close that out, and return to the array of thumbnails. The rest of the album should now open quickly.


Coming tomorrow — detailed directions to Roger’s

Update #7 — Cook-out at Roger’s

Time to be generous!

This post was written by Katharine

Hi all.

Picnic Update number ??!!!
Okay the logistics for the location, the chicken, the cook-your own, and bring your own grown-up beverages for self and, if you want to, to share have been shared.

NOW please do REMEMBER:
“THE BOOT”  for the chicken etc and the WEBSITE ($300 for the website) please be generous!, thank you so very much.

we know the “boot” is there for the chicken and extras supporting the cooking, and we KNOW that Stephen receives the all-important-bill for our website which contains reports, history, photos and hike descriptions and more.

PLEASE pull that saved cash from under the mattress or your wallet.. or a check made out to me:  Katharine Hunter

THE TOTAL COST for the WEBSITE may surprise you as it  has increased over the years too…$300 to be shared by us… that would mean if all of us contribute equally, it is not a huge bite, but if left to a few it is..

PLEASE be generous… THANK YOU


Update #6 — Cook-out at Roger’s

We need to change our invitation to the cook-out because of the Delta variant

We initially said “everyone is invited.” But now, with Covid cases rising, we want to restrict the invitation to vaccinated people only. We want to do our part to slow the rate of transmission, and to reassure people who may be nervous about mingling too freely. Sorry if this change affects anyone’s plans.

Update #4 — Cook-out at Roger’s


This post was written by Katharine

Bring your own (BYO) and, if you could, your BYO own drinking vessel too!

Hello all. You may have noticed the trend this year to simplify the work of a few and still have plenty of time to socialize with all the participants including those who cook, serve, set up and clean up. (and with an eye toward less trash!)
So, the “drinks” plan follows the same trend. 

Please plan to bring your favorite beverages.  We will have water available and a plate of cut limes and lemons. 

Details: Bring your beverages of choice both soft drinks and alcoholic, wine/beer- if you wish.  You may bring anything to share with fellow picnickers.   Roger does have glass pint glasses that will be available, but if you would consider, please bring your own, (we are NOT planning to have plastic if at all possible for care of our environment (and the clean-up crew – smile)). Most single-use drinking cups are no longer recyclable and paper is not durable enough and does go to landfill.

Roger will still offer a few bottles of alcohol for mixing and mixers (you may bring same to share if you wish too)

We will be using Roger’s reusable plates and flatware, but if you are inspired… you might bring your own too..

thanks all!katharine