join us

If you want to hike with us, contact Jim Rolfe, the group coordinator, at  Jim will add you to the email list he uses to announce our hikes.

Ithaca Hikers is nonjudgmental. Everyone is welcome to hike with us, provided:

You’re comfortable hiking in a group.

You’re able to keep up. (This is crucial. If you fall behind, you could get lost.)

You should be able to:

•  Walk a mile in 20 minutes

•  Walk four miles in two hours through rough terrain

•  Walk up Buffalo Street from Aurora to Eddy without stopping

Link to the Meetup page for the Ithaca Hikers

This can be a convenient way to get the details of the upcoming hikes. But you must join the group to get access to the information. See the instructions at the link.

Feel free to join us at our new ( as of June 2023 ) moderated Facebook page located at

Ithaca Hikers | Facebook

Content on this page is intended to keep former and current Ithaca Hikers in touch with each other and the group, to post hiking related content that doesn’t make it into the weekly hike report, etc. Please refrain from posting inappropriate content on the Facebook page.

There will be no Facebook posts about specific upcoming hikes, hike times and locations, for the safety of our hikers.