We love to hike in all sorts of weather. We find that it is usually not as bad as it looks from inside a cozy house, and often is surprisingly fantastic!

Here is our policy.


If it’s raining lightly, we hike.

If it’s threatening to rain at hike time but it hasn’t started, we assemble at the trail head and probably hike.

If it’s raining hard at hike time, check you email to see if the hike has been cancelled.


If the roads getting to the trail head are dangerous, there’s no hike.

If it’s snowing but the roads aren’t expected to get bad, we hike.

High Wind 

If a wind advisory has been broadcast with expected winds to be above 35-40 MPH,  the hike will be cancelled, even if the scheduled walk is a road walk and not in the woods.

For more information about current conditions

•  NOAA local forecast  •  NOAA doppler radar

•    local hourly data

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