We hike three times per week.

Sundays …………. 9:40  –  11:40

Saturdays ………. 9:30  –  11:30

Wednesdays …… 9:30  –  11:30

Informal:  No rules  •    No dues or membership lists

Plus:  No jockeying of cars  •  All ages welcome  •  Dogs welcome


More hike photos

The hikers  —  who’s who

  • Current hikers.  Photos and names of the hikers who became active on the trail after the pandemic ended.  Coming before too long
  • The core group  –  2012 to 2019, until just before the pandemic hit.  Hows to access these photos:  The page has more than 130 photos on it, but only the first 99-100  usually display initially.  To view the rest, click the last thumbnail that’s displayed.  You will get a large high-res version pop-up.  Then go back one step  —  return to the full array.  The remaining 30+ photos will have loaded and can be viewed.  To read the person’s name, click on the thumbnail to activate the high-res pop-up.  Click here. 
  • The early hikers  –  2004 to 2012. Click here

Action photos from various hikes between late 2009 and late 2016. Click here