We hike three times per week.

Sundays …………. 9:40  –  11:40

Saturdays ………. 9:30  –  11:30

Wednesdays …… 9:30  –  11:30

Informal:  No rules  •  No hike leaders  •  No dues or membership lists

Plus:  No jockeying of cars  •  All ages welcome  •  Dogs welcome


More hike photos

The hikers  —  who’s who

  • Current hikers.  Photos and names of the hikers who became active on the trail after the pandemic ended.  Coming before too long
  • The core group  –  2012 to 2019, until just before the pandemic hit.  Hows to access these photos:  The page has more than 130 photos on it, but only the first 99-100  usually display initially.  To view the rest, click the last thumbnail that’s displayed.  You will get a large high-res version pop-up.  Then go back one step  —  return to the full array.  The remaining 30+ photos will have loaded and can be viewed.  To read the person’s name, click on the thumbnail to activate the high-res pop-up.  Click here. 
  • The early hikers  –  2004 to 2012. Click here

Action photos from various hikes between late 2009 and late 2016. Click here


Brief background of the Ithaca Hikers

The group started in the late 1990s with a small group of friends who began to hike the FLT every Sunday.

In the summer of 2004, Stephen and Susan Hesse took over coordination of the group, about a year after they’d moved to Ithaca from NYC. They expanded the number of hikes to three a week over the years, and oversaw the development of the Ithaca Hikers web site, which was created for free by hiker Julie Manners, a very talented graphic designer.

S&S, Dryden Lake, 2016. Photo by Margaret W

In the summer of 2020 they gave up coordinating, and Jim Rolfe, an Ithaca native, took over