hike #4

#04   Stevens Suspension Bridge  –  Park Park  –  Cornell natural areas

Meet-up:  Dirt parking lot on Forest Home Drive across the street from the Cornell Arboretum’s plant production facility building, and a little west of the Stevens Suspension Bridge.  (There are two lots near to each other; ours is on the east.)

Click here to see the Google Maps page showing the location of the parking lot and the suspension bridge.

Click here to see the Ithaca Trails map showing the trail network

Physical maps of the Cayuga Trail system are available at:

CayugaTrail – Fingerlakes Trail Conference

We have two almost totally different hikes that begin at the far side of the suspension bridge.

  1. Walk east along the edge of Fall Creek and then head up the high bluffs to the Cornell horse fields on top  —  from there we cross Freese Road and walk along the top of the sheer bluffs on the north side of the creek.
  2. Walk west along the edge of the creek to the golf course  —  then on to the Cornell stables and paddocks

Lots of great woods and fields scenery and creek views all along the way.  Lightly strenuous.  It’s always fun to cross Fall Creek on the suspension bridge because of the way the bridge pitches up and down – makes you feel rubber-legged.  If a walk hasn’t lasted the full two hours, we fill the rest of the time by walking east along the home side of Fall Creek, then cross Forest Home Drive and go up into Park Park and the arboretum, which is a great way to end a walk.

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