hike #10

Upper Buttermilk Falls SP

Meet-up:  Pavilion parking lot, Upper Buttermilk Falls Park Road, off West King Road.

Click here for the Google Maps page showing the meeting spot.

Click here to see a PDF trail map of the park.

This is the part of Buttermilk Falls SP where the tourists seldom if ever go.  It lacks the super-drama of the steep climb up the falls that the tourists do, but it’s extremely lively and picturesque un its own. The upper trail runs along the edge of Buttermilk Creek and then around Lake Treman, with many ups and downs and delightful views. There are some fairly strenuous spots, and several steep staircases that may leave you panting. Very lovely tree action.  Our walk includes side trips to Yaple Road and La Tourelle spa, both through great scenery. Occasionally we bushwhack on the way back from La Tourelle  —  the impromptu route back through the woods is amazingly wild and actually impassible in spots if you make a wrong turn.