hike #11

Spur trail from upper Lick Brook/Town Line Road to upper Buttermilk Falls SP/Yaple Road

Meet-up: Corner of Town Line Road and Sand Bank Road


On this hike the group walks Southeasterly through the Thayer Preserve, on the orange blazed trails.

This route takes hikers through some nice stands of woods before emerging onto West King Rd.

Cross West King Rd to continue hiking on the FLT spur trail, until emerging into some open fields filled with brushy undergrowth. The spur trail continues beyond the field until emerging at the junction of Yaple and Comfort Rds. A short walk up Yaple Road brings hikers to the continuation of the spur trail, which goes into Buttermilk Falls State Park, ending at the loop trail circling Treman Lake.

Digital and paper maps of the spur trail and the surrounding area are available through the Finger Lakes Trail Conference at:

About Finger Lakes Trail Maps and GPS data

Map sheet M17 includes this trail and is available for purchase at the above link

A short Youtube video of this trail section:

Finger Lakes Trail – Buttermilk Falls Spur – YouTube

Last Update 01/2023 JFR