hike #12

Woodard Road east into upper Robert Treman SP, Enfield

Meet-up:  FLT crossing on Woodard Road, southwest of Upper Park Road.

Click here to see the Google Maps page showing the trail crossing coordinates, and the directions and driving time from Wegmans.

See here for a map of Robert Treman State Park

Robert Treman State Park Trail Map (ny.gov)

Digital and paper maps of the Finger Lakes Trail in this area are depicted on map sheet M16, available for purchase through the Finger Lakes Trail Conference at:

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Hikes 12 and 13 shape up at the same place, a very rural road with very deep ditches that you should be careful not to drive into when you’re parking.

We have two different hikes into upper Treman SP that begin here.  Both start at Woodard Rd by following the FLT via a short downhill stretch of grassy trail towards Fishkill Creek. Just before reaching the new footbridge over Fishkill Creek, the FLT passes the CCC trail on the left that provides a more direct route towards the grist mill and the rest of Upper Robert Treman State Park.

Continuing across Fishkill Creek via the new footbridge we reach a bend in Butternut Creek Rd, and our hike route options diverge.  Taking an immediate left on Butternut Creek Rd follows the footpath of the FLT and more quickly gets us onto the FLT going east. This option is roughly parallel to Enfield Creek, and runs downhill to where the FLT crosses Route 13.  We never actually make it to Route 13, since it takes too long.  In fact, this hike is designed to get us into the lovely woods along the south side of Treman SP without having to climb up the steep lower part of the trail that ascends from Route 13.  This is a great way to see the beauty of the park without getting exhausted.

The other walk starting from the bend in Butternut Creek Rd, and takes us away from the FLT onto a network of very rural roads that abut Treman to the southwest.  These are very quiet and very pleasant to walk on, and make a nice change from the forested part of the walk. Making  a series of turns, the roadwalk brings hikers back into Robert Treman State Park via the Thomas Rd service road, and from there to the Rim Trail which we use to return to Upper Robert Treman.

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