hike #13

Woodard Road northwest to Hines Road and beyond, Enfield.

Meet-up:  FLT crossing on Woodard Road, southwest of Upper Park Road.

Click here to see the Google Maps page showing the trail crossing coordinates, and the directions and driving time from Wegmans.

Digital and paper maps of the Finger Lakes Trail and the surrounding area of this hike are depicted on map sheet M16, available for purchase at:

About Finger Lakes Trail Maps and GPS data

This hike takes us through a very picturesque little-used part of Upper Treman SP, and then into a series of fields and woodlands on private property. The first part of the outbound leg of this hike runs parallel to the Upper Park Rd into Upper Robert Treman State Park, although the road noise rarely intrudes on our hike. The Trail in this section has lots of lively ups and downs with a few stream crossings that usually give us no problems.  Once we leave the state park property the terrain the FLT passes through flattens out and the walking is pretty easy. Once we reach and cross Hines Rd we continue on the FLT, usually turning around at Rockwell Rd. Heading back to the cars after we turn around, it’s possible to avoid the hilly parts of the FLT completely by leaving the Trail at Hines Road and walking south on Hines Rd and then east on Woodard Road back to the parking area.  The trail within the park is extremely attractive, and the area in general has a nice rural feeling.

Warning! In summer months the section of Trail between Woodard and Hines Rd is FULL of poison ivy! I would advise hikers to wear long pants and be sure to wash everything after getting home from this hike!

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