hike #18

#18   FLT from Comfort and Bald Hill Rds to Hill Road, through Danby SF

Meet-up:  Corner of Comfort Road and Bald Hill Road, Danby.

Click here for the Google Maps page showing the corner, and the directions and driving time from the library.

Click here to see a state DEC map showing the trail segment, which runs southeast across Michigan Hollow Road and then Smiley Hill Road until it meets Hill Road.

Click here and scroll down to see a good topo map of the trail.  It’s labeled “Finger Lakes/North Country Trail.”

This segment isn’t as dramatic as the two legs of the Abbott Loop that traverse the same area between Bald Hill Road and Michigan Hollow Road a little to the south.  But it’s a delightful trail on its own, with many beautiful spots along the way.  It takes us past a lean-to and an outhouse that are always fun to visit; it also takes us across Michigan Creek on a little bridge (Diane’s Crossing) that looks out onto a gorgeous small flooded area that always makes me want to go swimming there.

The leg from Bald Hill Road to Michigan Hollow Road is mainly downhill, so of course you need to climb back up on the return trip; once you cross Michigan Hollow Road the terrain heads uphill to Hill Road fairly vigorously  –  so overall this is a moderately strenuous hike.