hike #2

Six Mile Creek, south side, rim trail           

Meet-up:  Crescent Place a few hundred feet east of South Hill Elementary School, Hudson Street, in the city. We meet where the road makes a big bend and there’s access to the South Hill Recreation Way.

Click here to see the Google Maps page for the meet-up. It’s just a few minutes’ drive from The Commons.

This is a great trail along a wild and beautiful gorge – it’s amazing that such a walk could exist so close  to downtown. It runs parallel to the popular and busy South Hill Rec Way, a former railroad right of way, but when you’re on the rim trail you’re in a different world. The narrow path runs along the side of a steep slope; there are lively terrain changes, pine trees and wonderful views down into the creek far below.

The trail’s not clearly marked, and there are side trails that can be extremely challenging. We’ve learned to avoid these, but it’s easy to blunder onto one.

A high point of this walk is to descend steeply to the second reservoir, where young people jump from the high cliffs. It’s a strenuous climb back up, but it doesn’t take too long.