hike #24

Willseyville Creek south of Ridgeway Road, Caroline

Meet-up:  in the past we would meet on the south side of Ridgeway Road a few hundred feet in from the intersection with Coddington Road. Due to the FLT re-route in the area that was completed in late 2022, this hike now starts at 861 White Church Rd

Click here to see the Google Maps page showing the GPS coordinates of the nearest residence to the new parking lot. The parking lot itself is small, so look for it as you approach the area.

From the parking area hikers have two options: Crossing White Church Rd and hiking across the open fields leads to a re-routed portion of the FLT that meets the junction of White Church and Coddington Roads. The former FLT footpath follows Willseyville Creek in the opposite direction towards Ridgeway Rd and is still passable the last time the group walked that section.

If walking in the opposite direction from the new parking area, the trail leads through the woods to the edge of Shindagin Hollow SF.  Most of the walk in this direction will entail a long and steep upwards climb for an out-and-back hike.

Last Update 12/2022 JFR