hike #25

Deputron Hollow Road and Olsefski Road, Danby

Meet-up:  Corner of East Miller Road and Marsh Road


This is a delightful woods road walk that takes us through a deserted and heavily forested part of eastern Danby near the Caroline town line.  Deputron Hollow Road is an abandoned road that’s still somewhat drivable and used once in a great while  —  Olsefski Road is completely abandoned.  Parts of both roads are shown on the Google Map I’ve linked to  —  you can get a better sense of where the roads go by looking at the Town of Danby official highway map here.  We start our walk by heading south on Marsh Road for two blocks until it ends  —  this is a very nice country setting with a few houses and some fields  —  then we get into the woods.  The walk is somewhat hilly with ups and downs, and the stretch through the woods is very attractive.  It’s possible to keep going on Deputron Hollow Road until you reach Coddington Road  —  the last stretch near Coddington is paved and has houses, but we usually don’t get this far.  You can get a good overview of the area by looking at the satellite view from Google Maps here.