hike #26

Rim trail along Shindagin Hollow gorge, Shindagin Hollow SF

Meet-up: Dirt parking lot along upper Shindagin Hollow Road just beyond the last house.

Click here to see the Google Maps page showing the location of the meet-up.

Click here to see a page with six different maps showing the state forest.

This is a great hike. We walk right along the edge of the deep and atmospheric Shindagin Hollow gorge that runs along the edge of Shindagin Hollow Road as it descends from the high ground near Central Chapel Road down to the junction with Gulf Creek Road. About half way down, the trail along the rim ends and the gorge veers in and runs just a few feet from the edge of the roadway. After this point the road itself is on the rim of the precipice. We usually head down into the gorge just before this happens and make our way south along the creek. The whole walk is very beautiful and picturesque, with a number of lively ups and downs, pine groves and stream crossings. If you don’t want to descend into the gorge and walk along the stream, you can just head downhill for a while on Shindagin Hollow Road itself — this is my favorite of the rural roads we encounter and it’s extremely scenic.

If you like topo maps, click here to see what I’m talking about.

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