hike #27

Shindagin Hollow Road east to South Road on the FLT, Brooktondale

Meet-up:  Junction of Gulf Creek Road and Shindagin Hollow Road (which actually changes name to Prospect Valley Road where the roads meet)


For this out-and-back hike we meet at the southern, bottom part of Shindagin Hollow Road, after you finish the steep descent down this extremely picturesque rural road.  We park on the shoulder of the road just south of the junction with Gulf Creek Road.  Don’t confuse this parking spot with the place where we often meet at the north, upper end of Shindagin Hollow Road, just beyond the last house.  Keep going down the hill.

This is my favorite country road we travel on.  The steepest part of the road is distinguished by a sheer drop down about 100 feet that runs immediately along the edge of the road, with no protection to keep your car from falling off the edge.  It can seem quite alarming once you notice it and focus on it.  Google Maps might tell you to use Gulf Creek Road but I think Shindagin Hollow Road is better.  It’s also possible to get to the meet-up by driving north on Prospect Valley Road from Route 96B south of Willseyville.

We normally walk east over to South Road and a little beyond.  The trail first takes us uphill into a gorgeous pine forest where there’s a popular lean-to and a lovely stream alongside.  After that, the terrain levels out and we pass through a dark woods (sometimes very muddy) over to South Road.  We usually walk past a huge cairn on the way that’s always fun to check in on  —  though sometimes it’s been destroyed and it’s just a mess of scattered stones.  After we cross South Road, we walk on an old logging road along an open field.

More information on this hike, including still photos and a YouTube video, may be found at:

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Last edit: 01-2023 JFR