hike #28

Shindagin Hollow SF, from Braley Hill Rd to Shindagin Hollow Rd: Three Hikes

Map.  There are a number of maps online for the Shindagin Hollow State Forest area, but many are outdated or are confusing and have defects. This recent one from the state DEC clearly shows the FLT and the three parking lots on Braley Hill Rd.

Paper and digital maps of the Finger Lakes Trail may also be purchased from the Finger Lakes Trail Conference at the link below. The map sheet for this section of the FLT is map sheet M18:

About Finger Lakes Trail Maps and GPS data

Some general information about Shindagin Hollow on Youtube:

(394) “Shindagin Hollow,” Walk in the Park episode 146 – YouTube

For Hikes 28-1 and 28-2:

Meet-up:  Dirt parking lot on Braley Hill Road about a mile and a quarter south of the junction with Shindagin Hollow Road.  If you’re driving south on Braley Hill Road, you’ll first come to an official-looking parking area made up of two lots on opposite sides of the road, but don’t stop there;  keep going south. (Those first lots are for hike 3.)

For parking for hikes 1 and 2, see  the Google Maps location below or enter 369 Braley Hill Rd., Brooktondale, into your GPS. Once you reach that address, you should see our cars.

Google Maps

Hike #28-1: Out and back on the FLT

This big state forest is full of lovely trails, but the only one you can take on a weekend day in nice weather and be sure you won’t have to dodge hard-charging mountain bikers the whole time is the FLT. This stretch of the FLT includes some very typical woods, plus a very distinctive leg where we walk south right along the rim of a deep gorge with Shindagin Hollow Road at the bottom. It’s quite dramatic and fun if you have good balance and you aren’t afraid of heights  —  otherwise, I don’t advise trying it as you’ll find yourself extremely close to a big drop.  The trail is not very strenuous for much of the way, but as we get close to Shindagin Hollow Road it drops pretty steeply.

Hike #28-2: Loop hike

For a three-season loop hike, take blue-blazed bike trail # 6 south from the parking lot, then head back north on blue trail 4 before returning to Braley Hill Rd via either the FLT or the snowmobile trails.

This hike is probably not something to be attempted in the winter months or on summer weekends when there are many bicyclists using the bike trails. This loop trail does offer a change of scenery and terrain from the normal FLT hike between Braley Hill and Shindagin Hollow Roads.

Hike #28-3: Bike and snowmobile trails from parking lot near Bald Hill School Rd.

Park in one of the two much larger parking lots opposite each other on Braley Hill Rd. just south of Bald Hill School Rd. Approximate location on Google Maps here:

Shindagin MTB – Google Maps

If the Google pin doesn’t work, look at the DEC map linked above

This parking area for this hike is the most northerly “P” shown on Braley Hill Rd

From this location, we have multiple hike options to do a number of different loop hikes using the blue bike trails east of Braley Hill Rd, the yellow bike trails west of Braley Hill Rd, or area snowmobile trails. The snowmobile trails are especially useful in winter months when the FLT may be covered in deep snowpack.

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