hike #28

Shindagin Hollow SF, from Braley Hill Road to Shindagin Hollow Road on the FLT

This big state forest is full of lovely trails, but the only one you can take on a weekend day in nice weather and be sure you won’t have to dodge hard-charging mountain bikers the whole time is the FLT.  This stretch of the FLT includes some very typical woods, plus a very distinctive leg where we walk south right along the rim of a deep gorge with Shindagin Hollow Road at the bottom.  It’s quite dramatic and fun if you have good balance and you aren’t afraid of heights  —  otherwise, I don’t advise trying it as you’ll find yourself extremely close to a big drop.  The trail is not very strenuous for much of the way, but as we get close to Shindagin Hollow Road it drops pretty steeply.

Meet-up:  Dirt parking lot on Braley Hill Road about a mile and a quarter south of the junction with Shindagin Hollow Road.  This is the second parking lot if you’re driving south on Braley Hill Road  —  the first lot has a big sign and two parking areas and looks official  —  don’t stop there  —  keep going.

Map.  There are a number of maps online but they all are confusing and have defects, IMO.  This one, from the state DEC, clearly shows the FLT and the parking lot, though, confusingly, it shows the lot as the third lot as you’re driving south  —  if there really is a second lot in there, it’s insignificant.  The lot we want looks clearly like a parking area.