hike #29

Potato Hill SF, Caroline

There are two different hikes beginning from the same trail head that we do in this forest  —  one heads northeast to Blackman Hill Road and beyond; the other heads southwest toward Old 76 Road and Shindagin Hollow SF.other

The meet-up for both hikes is the same: Level Green Road where the FLT crosses, about a mile south of the intersection with Blackman Hill Road.

Click here to see the Google Maps page showing the GPS coordinates of the crossing.

The trail crossing is not at all obvious  —  you need to look very closely for the FLT sign.

Click here to see the state DEC page about the forest  —  it includes a link to a trail map.

Hike #1  —  NE to Blackman Hill Road.

This is an out-and-back hike, from Level Green Road northeast to Blackman Hill Road and beyond. The walk through the forest in this direction is quite flat. The woods are a bit scrubby in some areas, and the trail zigzags back and forth. There are some very lovely sections of woods that are quite pleasing. In wet weather, the ground can be muddy.

After we cross Blackman Hill Road, we come to a private farm. In 2021, the farm was split into two parcels. Most of the land was donated to the Finger Lakes Land Trust to become Summerland Farm Preserve. This preserve is small but quite beautiful, and gives hikers on the FLT a great feel for the woods and fields, culminating in a gorgeous view from the top of the hill on a clear day.

Hike #2  —  SW toward Old 76 Road

This section of trail was closed for many years  —  it reopened fairly recently.  The terrain is quite different and the type of woods is different also.