hike #33

#33   Yellow Barn SF

Meet-up:  dead end of Signal Tower Road south of the intersection with Tehan Road.

Click here to see the Google Maps page.

Yellow Barn SF is heavily used by cross-country skiers and snowmobilers in winter, so we stay away then; in the other seasons it’s a low-key but delightful walk.  Much of the time we’re on old roads running through thick woods.  There’s an unusual number of very large puddles that spread across the road and are often full; I like the effect myself, and a lot of our dogs love to get into the puddles and drink from them.  There’s also one lovely large pond, and a series of large fields that we skirt.  The terrain is generally mild and easy, with just a couple of uphill stretches.

Click here to see the state DEC page about the forest, including a link to a trail map (which isn’t very informative).