hike #36

#36   Kennedy SF, Virgil

Meet-up:  Corner of Daisy Hollow Road and Carpenter Hill Road.

Click here to see the Google Maps page showing the meet-up, and the directions from downtown Dryden.  Sometimes Google Maps tells you to take Route 392 east to Palmer Road to Virgil Creek Road to Daisy Hollow Road.  Other times Google says to stay on Route 392 to West Meeting House Road (127A) and turn south on that to catch Daisy Hollow Road.  Pay attention to the road names  —  some hikers got confused in the past and got lost so they missed the hike.  You can see a blow-up of what I’m talking about here.

Either way you go, the countryside between Dryden and the trail head is wonderfully picturesque, so be sure to look around.

This hike takes us through a large and gorgeous hemlock forest, and the trail runs along a beautiful stream for much of the way.  It’s a bit strenuous at times, and the trail surface is very challenging in spots, with roots and rocks and eroded spots, but it’s lovely the whole way.  It’s possible to make part of the walk into a loop by walking on the Swedish Loop and then Owego Hill Road, a very scenic rural road, instead of just going in and out on the FLT.  Click here and scroll down a ways to the pertinent map to see what I’m talking about.

Click here to see a state DEC PDF map for the forest.