hike #39

Taughannock Falls SP  —  gorge trail and rim trail


Meet-up:  Dirt pull-off area on the north side of Gorge Road a little SW of the intersection with Willow Creek Road.  When the spots in the parking area fill up, park along the edge of Gorge Road  —  plenty of room


This is the most popular by far of the state parks in the county, and I’d say it’s our most picturesque hike, though not necessarily our best.  We’ll walk completely around the rim plus walk up the gorge trail to the waterfall.  The rim’s not usually crowded at all at the time of morning we’re here, and the waterfall trail is usually only busy in the peak of vacation season.  We usually do the hike counter clockwise (for no special reason)  —  the hike is easy except for the long climb up from the gorge level to the overlook, which is a bit tiring.  In addition to having so many great views, this hike is popular because you can walk side by side and schmooze pretty easily.