hike #41

#41 Texas Hollow SF, Bennettsburg

Meet-up: Texas Hollow Road about one mile south of Route 79.

Click here for the Google Maps page showing the trail head and the directions and driving time from downtown.

The Finger Lakes National Forest a couple of miles north is a lot more popular with hikers, but this trail is just as good or even better, in my opinion. It has more of everything that goes into making a quality walk. The trail head itself is atmospheric, with pine trees clumped along the road at the parking area — it’s especially fun on a gloomy day.  The terrain is lively and varied. There are several big fields and ponds and some very picturesque open views — dark and brooding pine groves — some lovely deciduous stretches — it gives a good workout but it’s not a killer. I even love the name — reminds me of a cowboy movie.

It’s a bit of a longer ride out from town than I like  —  but on the plus side, you get to pass through some really beautiful rolling open countryside with great views.

Click here for a PDF map of the forest from the state DEC.

Click here to read some copy about the state forest — scroll down to see a topo map of the trails.

More information, including still photos, may be found here:

FLT: Texas Hollow | Trails Less Traveled | Central NY (trailslesstraveledny.org)

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