hike #43

Hike #43       Jim Schug Trail, Dryden

This is one of two trails we do that’s completely flat and level the whole way  —  so don’t come expecting much exercise  —  it’s a rail trail that runs south from downtown Dryden beyond Dryden Lake and into a very rural area  —  normally I think our various rail trails are a little too tame for us, but I find the Schug trail surprisingly satisfying and interesting, and it’s a very good walk for shotgun deer season.  We’ll start by heading toward Dryden village on a very picturesque stretch that goes through a large marsh and then runs along the edge of Dryden Lake.  The scenery along much of the way is extremely pleasant  — you definitely feel like you’re out in the country.  You can read more about the trail here.

Meet-up:  Parking lot where Lake Road crosses the Jim Schug Trail.  Click here to see a PDF map showing the Jim Schug Trail and the parking areas along its route.  Our meet-up lot is at the bottom of the PDF, but it’s npt the bottom-most lot  —  it’s the second parking spot up from the bottom.  This is confusing because Lake Road crosses the Schug trail in two spots.  Ours is the northern one of the two.

Click here to see the Google Maps page that shows the crossing I’m talking about.  It’s in the center of the map page that will open at the link.

Directions from downtown Dryden.  The least confusing way to go is to take Route 38 south from downtown until you hit Purvis Road on the left.  This is south of Dryden Lake.  Go left on Purvis until it dead ends into Lake Road.  Make a hard left onto Lake Road and follow it back until you come to the Schug trail crossing and the parking lot.  Confusingly, if you turn right onto Lake Road from Purvis instead of left, you’ll also come to the Schug trail and a parking lot, but it will be the wrong one  —  so don’t turn right.