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Groton Village trails

Among some of the newest trails in the county, this trail system just outside the Village of Groton is still being added to as of the Fall of 2021.

Starting from the parking area with kiosk near 779 Spring Street Extension just outside the Groton Village line:

779 Spring Street Ext – Google Maps

The trail system offers several loops that circle around Sovocool Hill both East and West of Sovocool Hill Rd

Several of the loops have signage, with spur trails that exit onto West South Street and Pasadena Avenue near the village park.

Taking a map of the trail system is still recommended for first time users.

The trail system in parts relies on utility right-of-ways that results in the trail following utility poles on hillsides that bring the power lines unusually close to the hiker, or follow closer to roadways than some hikers might normally find.

See website

Groton Trail System | vilgroton (grotonny.org)

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Trail map ( not updated to include all current trails as of September 2021 )

GTS Map 2019.pdf – Google Drive