hike #44

Malloryville countryside northeast of Freeville

Meet-up:  Von Engeln Preserve on W Malloryville Road, west of Fall Creek Road


Information on the Preserve:

O.D. von Engeln Preserve At Malloryville | TNC (nature.org)

This walk takes us up an abandoned railroad right of way along upper Fall Creek  —  complete with two high picturesque wooden trestles —  and then into a beautiful mix of woods and fields.  Historically we did this walk with a local guide, Bob B, Mr Malloryville Bog, who grew up close by and lived in the neighborhood for many years until passing in 2024.  The area is geologically unusual for several reasons I can never retain. This is a very attractive walk with lots of variety.  At one point, we have to cross a wide brook by inching along the top of a very high beaver dam  —  once the dam was overtopped by high water and we had to cross the stream by wading through ankle-deep water  —  some hikers balked and turned around —  they managed to find an alternative route, but they lost contact with the main group for quite a while.  This walk also gives us a chance to visit the highly distinctive Malloryville bog, a very odd and interesting place.

Click the link below to watch a short video about the preserve:

(115) Malloryville Bog by Fall Creek. Walk in the Park episode 193 – YouTube

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