hike #45

Cayuga Nature Center Trails

Meet-up:  Cayuga Nature Center Upper Parking Loop on Houghton Rd

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This is a relatively new hike location for the group. While we’re able to get nearly a full two hour hike duration on their trail system, the Nature Center’s policy on prohibiting dogs generally limits our use of their facility to hunting season, when many of our regular hike locations are unavailable to us.

For this hike we meet on the parking loop on Houghton Rd- as you approach on Houghton Rd be looking for the two parking area entrances, as they are screened by trees and easily missed if you aren’t looking carefully.

We walk north across the open fields that adjoin the parking area and do a loop around the several trails that are west of the Centers main administration building.

Other points of interest on the grounds include the outdoor animal enclosures and the Treetops Treehouse.

If we have remaining hike time, the group walks on the near-by Black Diamond Trail which has a road crossing very close to the parking area.

This Ithaca Nature Center Gives Visitors The Best Views Of New York’s Finger Lakes (msn.com)

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