hike #46

Kingsbury Woods Preserve Town of Danby

Meet-up: Jersey Hill Road, Danby


Click here for more information on the Conservation Area

We’ve only recently started doing group hikes in this Conservation Area; the parking lot is small, which limits group hikes here to our Wednesday hikes

The trail loop itself is short, which requires hikers to turn around and re-trace our steps to come close to a two hour hike. We still need to do some bushwhacking around the blazed trail, or cross over Jersey Hill Rd and hike the ridgeline on the parking lot side of the road ( still on Conservation Area property ) to reach a two hour hike duration.

The Trail is often muddy in summer months; the parking area isn’t plowed in winter, which can require hikers to park along the minimal shoulder with a dip in the road on one side, and a sharp curve at the other end of the road.

Last edit 12/2022 JFR


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