hike #47

The Sweedler Preserve and Thayer Preserve at Lick Brook

Meeting place:  Town Line Road just south of the intersection with Sandbank Road.

Click here to see a Google Maps page showing the approximate location of the meet-up:

Click here to see a PDF map showing the boundaries of the Lick Brook preserves, and the white-blazed Finger Lakes Trail up the hill.  The map also shows the parking location on Town Line Road.

Click here to see a page of background on the preserves.

This is our great Lick Brook hike with a twist, so we can hike here safely during hunting season.  We stay within the boundaries of the two preserves, which prohibit gun hunting, and avoid the parts of our regular Lick Brook trail that extend into neighboring properties.  This requires starting this hike in a different place than usual so we can avoid walking in the huge open fields near Routes 13-34-96 where gun hunting is permitted.  We also don’t walk as far east as usual beyond the end of the Thayer Preserve.

For this version of the hike, we walk down the steep hill from Town Line Road to the point where the terrain flattens out, and then walk back up.  There are two trails running through this area  —  we’ll walk down one and up the other.  Then we’ll cross Town Line Road and walk in the Thayer Preserve until that ends.  Then we’ll repeat the process until two hours have elapsed, remaining safe from hunters the whole time.

This walk will take us through spectacular scenery, some of the best in the county in my opinion.  It’s going to be strenuous  —  having to climb the steep hillside between Routes 13-34-96 and Town Line Road cam be tiring to do once, much less twice.  But it will make for a fantastic hike.