hike #48

Dabes Diversion Loop – Two Hikes

Kennedy State Forest Town of Harford Cortland County


From Ithaca, travel east to the Village of Dryden.

At the four corners in Dryden Village ( stoplight, junctions of State Routes 13, 38 and 392 ) continue east on State Route 392 ( Virgil Rd )

Turn right on West Meetinghouse Rd, then left on Daisy Hollow Rd. Continue through the intersection of  Owego Hill Rd onto Babcock Hollow Rd. Once on Babcock Hollow Rd, bear left onto Hauck Hill Rd.

Park at junction of Bleck Rd and Hauck Hill Rd.


See more information on Kennedy State Forest at the DEC site here:


More information and a more detailed line drawing map that includes the route for hike  #1, here:

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Dabes Diversion Loop | Trails Less Traveled | Central NY (trailslesstraveledny.org)

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Both hikes start from the same parking location and start by traveling along the Dabes Diversion Loop.  From the parking area, hike west and then south on the Dabes Diversion Loop. This mildly strenuous route takes you through some majestic stands of trees and over some minimal water crossings. The southern terminus of the Diversion Trail offers excellent panoramic views of farm fields.

From the observation point overlooking the field, there are two distinct hikes:

Hike # 1 – FLT east to the Kuzia Cutoff and points beyond

Turning easterly on the Finger Lakes Trail, hikers continue on the FLT to Bleck Rd. Shortly after crossing Bleck Road, hikers will find the blue-blazed Kuzia cut-off to the FLT. Continue northerly on the Kuzia Cut Off to the seasonal portion of Hauck Hill Rd. Turning northwest on Hauck Hill Rd, a short road walk brings hikers back to Bleck Rd and the vehicles.

Hike #2 –  FLT west to the Irish and Lithuanian Loops of the International Trail

From the junction of the Dabes Diversion Loop and the FLT, traveling westerly soon brings hikers to the Foxfire Lean-to and then the Kells bivouac area.

Continuing west the FLT passes by several additional fields such as the one at the junction with the Dabes Diversion Loop. The FLT crosses through some  minor water crossings and associated mudholes and soon reaches the International Loop #2, consisting mainly of the Irish and Lithuanian Loops. This multi-loop trail system covers the steep hillsides east of Babcock Hollow Rd.

Our hike here will consist of a loop around the hillside and then return to the Dabes Diversion Loop and our cars.

Because of the time to get to the International Loops via the Dabes Diversion Loop, this hike will be limited to the longer summer Tuesday hikes where time is less of an issue than for our other organized hikes.

Although using a different starting point, more information on this hike may be found at:

Lithuanian & Irish Loops | Trails Less Traveled | Central NY (trailslesstraveledny.org)

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