hike #48 FLT from White Church Rd to Shindagin Hollow State Forest

FLT from White Church Rd to Shindagin Hollow State Forest

Meet-up:  In the past we would meet on the south side of Ridgeway Road to hike the FLT towards Shindagin Hollow State Forest, but our two hour hike times would usually put the state forest mostly out of reach when coming from that direction. Due to a recent FLT reroute in the area that was completed in late 2022, we now have a new parking lot located at 861 White Church Rd which puts an FLT hike to Shindagin Hollow State Forest from this area within reach of our two hour hike limits

Click here to see the Google Maps page showing the GPS coordinates of the nearest residence to the new parking lot. The parking lot itself is small, so look for it as you approach the area.

The FLT crosses White Church Rd a short distance from the parking lot

New hikers should be aware that there is a significant elevation gain ( a big hill ) very early in this hike. Those hikers who might have difficulty with elevation gains might want to join the group on a different hike.

More information on Shindagin Hollow State Forest may be found here: Shindagin Hollow State Forest – NYSDEC

Portions of the FLT in Tompkins County that cross private property are subject to hunting season closures. Before hiking the FLT always check the appropriate FLT map sheet available here for any applicable trail closures:

About Finger Lakes Trail Maps and GPS data

Current trail conditions may be found here:

Trail Condition Notices – Fingerlakes Trail Conference

Always respect the private property rights of land owners who have allowed the trail to cross their property. Without their permission the FLT could not exist in its current form.

Hiking the FLT in the opposite direction towards Willseyville Creek is hike # 24

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