Hike #51

Hammond Hill State Forest Canaan Rd Hike

Meet: End of maintained portion of Canaan RD


From Ithaca, travel East on State Route 79, through the hamlet of Slaterville Springs

East of Slaterville Springs, take a left onto Harford Rd.

Continue of Harford Rd until you cross over a small bridge, which is the county line.

Shortly after entering Tioga County, take a left on Canaan Rd

Continue on Canaan Rd until you reach the end of the maintained portion of the road; there is  a parking area here.

For group purposes, this is the trailhead

Hikers choosing to hike this route solo who have suitable vehicles can actually park at several locations along the seasonal portions of Canaan or Red Man Run, shortening the first road walking portions of this hike.

Trail map here

NYS DEC information for Hammond Hill here:

Hike Route Description:

Hikers will proceed from the parking area through the seasonally maintained portion of Canaan Rd, turning right at the junction of Red Man Run, which is the first unsigned intersection

Continue on Red Man Run for approximately a quarter mile.

A signed snowmobile trail will be on the right side of the road; take the snowmobile trail to marked Red trail #1 and walk South until you encounter Red Trail #2. Take a left on Red Trail #2, and walk Northerly.

Hikers will encounter a three way intersection with marked yellow trails #4 and Yellow Trail #5; take the left onto Yellow #5

Continue on Yellow #5 until reaching Yellow Trail #7

Follow Yellow #7 to its terminus on Canaan RD North of Red Man Rd.

Walk Canaan Rd back to the parking area.

This route offers gradual and moderate elevation changes throughout the route. Given the total number of trails throughout the Hammond Hill Multi-use trail area, hikers should be attentive to trail markings to avoid getting lost and disoriented.

Much of the walk is through established pine forests, with some scenic views down the trail rim as it proceeds along the Yellow 7 route when the forest floor is clear of summer undergrowth.

There are some muddy patches, primarily on the snowmobile trail and bottom of Yellow #7.