Hike #52

Hammond Hill State Forest Yellow Trails & Rabbit Run Loop Hike

Meet: North end of the maintained portion of Hammond Hill  RD

General location of parking area on Google map here

Trail map here

NYS DEC information for Hammond Hill here:

Hike Route Description:

Hikers will proceed from the parking area  to Yellow Trail #1.

At the junction of Yellow Trails 1 and 6, turn right on trail Yellow #6, continuing through stands of evergreens to the Seasonal portion on Canaan Rd. A slight jog to the right on Canaan Rd and the hiker will be on Yellow trail  #5 Continue on Yellow trail #5 a short distance, then take a right onto Yellow trail #7. Hike Yellow trail #7 to its terminus on Canaan Rd. Walk down Canaan Rd; near the junction of Canaan Rd and Red Man Run, on the right side of the road will be the lower terminus of the “Rabbit Run” snowmobile trail, marked with red discs. An identifying sign is obscured during summer months by foliage. Walk up Rabbit Run Snowmobile trail to the junction of Rabbit Run and the Blue #1 hiking trail, marked with blue discs. Turn right on  the Blue #1 trail back to Yellow 6, which takes you back to Yellow #1 and the parking area

Alternate route changes to add time can include taking a left at the Rabbit Run/ Blue #1 Trail junction. This will take you to the seasonal portion of Hammond Hill RD and another branch of the Blue 1 trail

This route offers gradual and moderate elevation changes throughout the route. Given the total number of trails throughout the Hammond Hill Multi-use trail area, hikers should be attentive to trail markings to avoid getting lost and disoriented.

Much of the walk is through established pine forests, with some scenic views down the trail rim as it proceeds along the Yellow #7 route when the forest floor is clear of summer undergrowth.

There are often some muddy patches, primarily at the bottom of Yellow trail  #7.