hike #52

Arnot Teaching Forest

The Arnot Teaching Forest is a 4200 acre parcel owned and operated by Cornell University. The Forest is located about fifteen miles south of Ithaca and consists of a mix of forests, open fields, unimproved roads and trails. Vehicular access to the roads within the forest are controlled via gates, which may be closed at various times during the year. Off road parking at either gate is limited; parking along the shoulder of the road at the north gate is available.

The walking trails within the Teaching Forest are not well maintained, so our hikes here most often consist of road walks from the north gate. The road to the south gate in particular offers some moderate elevation changes

There are two places to meet when hiking the Arnot Teaching Forest

north gate

This is the location we normally meet at for hikes within the Teaching Forest

The north gate is in the vicinity of the Greensprings Natural Cemetery, located here:

Irish Hill Rd – Google Maps

south gate

General location of south gate parking area on Google map here

Arnot Teaching Forest Road and Trail map here

General information for the Arnot Teaching Forest is located here:

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