Hike #53

Carter Creek Road Walk Hike

Meet: Junction of Carter Creek Rd at intersection with Rowell Hill Rd

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Hike Route Description:

This is primarily a winter hike, although the flat terrain and forest surroundings can make it a pleasant but more exposed summer hike route

Carter Creek Rd beyond Rowell Hill RD is used as a snowmobile route throughout the winter months, making it a compacted snow surface easy for hikers to walk on.

Hikers can opt to turn onto either Lloyd Starks Rd or Hulford RDs to add elevation gain to their hike route as part of an out-and-back hike.

In combination with various skiing trails in the area it is possible to create a loop trail back to the cars. This is at the hike leader’s discretion but should be pre-planned, as it is easy to get lost on the ski trails