hike #54

Rural road walks south and east of Tompkins county

Hike 54.1

Ekroos Rd/ Wheeling Rd/ State Land Rd – Tompkins and Tioga county line

This country road goes by several names on Google maps and printed maps

Even the road signs at opposite ends of the road do not agree with each other.

Several times when we’ve hiked this location, hikers have reported that the Google map apps on their phones stopped working while en route due to the lack of reliable cell service. As a result, some hikers who rely on their phones for directions have had difficulty finding the meeting location.

Here are written directions to the parking area for this hike in case that is an issue for future hikes in the area:

From State Route 79 ( Slaterville Rd ) in the hamlet of Slaterville Springs, take a right turn onto Buffalo ( Hill ) Rd at this intersection:

Slaterville Rd & Buffalo Rd – Google Maps

Take Buffalo ( Hill ) Rd to the hamlet of Caroline Center, where Buffalo ( Hill ) Rd  ends at a four way intersection with ( Old ) 76 Rd and South Rd. Here is a pin map that shows that intersection:

S Rd & Buffalo Rd – Google Maps

Cross straight over ( Old ) 76 Rd from Buffalo ( Hill ) Rd onto South Rd.

Take South Rd to the county line, where it turns into Honeypot Rd once inside Tioga County. One of the last identifiable landmarks you’ll see in Tompkins County at 300 South Rd is the secure juvenile detention facility known as the MacCormick Secure Center on the right side of the road ( looks like a jail or small prison ). Keep driving once you’ve passed that facility.

The only indication of the county line that you might notice is the snowplow turn-around on the right side of the road.

About a tenth of a mile past the county line you should see Ekroos / Wheeling/ State Land Rd ( a dirt road ) ; it is the first left hand turn once you are in Tioga County.

The Google pin to the intersection of Ekroos and Honeypot Rd is below ( if Google maps is still working for you). As of late 2023 the road sign for Ekroos Rd is missing, so look for the intersection carefully. We are NOT meeting at the intersection; this is simply the closest place to the parking area that I can get a pin to drop).

Ekroos Rd & Honeypot Rd – Google Maps

Turn left onto Ekroos / Wheeling/ State Land Rd.

The parking area for the hike will be about a tenth of a mile down Ekroos/ Wheeling/ State Land Rd from the intersection with Honeypot Rd.

This is a rural country road that is maintained / plowed in the winter because it has two residences about a mile down the road. 

The end of the road that runs off ( Old ) 76 Road is not reliably plowed in the winter, but you should be able to come in from that direction in summer months if we are hiking this location in the fall or summer.

The Google maps pin for the intersection of Ekroos/ Wheeling  and (Old ) 76 Road, for those coming to the hike from the South:

76 Rd & Ekroos Rd – Google Maps

Hike 54.2

Sessions Hill and Forbes Rd intersection, Town of Homer

Thanks to long -time Ithaca Hiker Steve S for introducing the group to this hike location.

Google map link to meeting location:

42°40’37.8″N 76°08’26.7″W – Google Maps

This location provides several three season hike options, both out and back and loop routes

Excellent views of surrounding fields and long distance vistas throughout the hike