hike #56

Quiet Schuyler County rural road walks with good views. Plowed in the winter.

Hike #1: Hosenfeld Road and Lisk Roads, Town of Odessa

Meet-up: Corner of Lisk and Hosenfeld Road, south of Mecklenburg. There is a wide shoulder along the dirt road. The views up and down the valley are wonderful, and Rogers Lean-To is close-by and nice to visit.



Hike #2: N Shuler Road and Morris Road

Meet-up: Corner of N Shuler Road and Culver Road



Hike #3: Fitzgerald Road and Bergen Road

Meet-up: Corner of Fitzgerald Road and Route 79



Hike #4: Newtown Road and Fitzgerald Road, Burdett

Meet-up: Intersection of Newtown Road and Route 79



Hike #5: Bower Road, Perry City

Meet-up: Corner of Bower Road and Burr/Sirrine Road



Hike #6: Chicken Coop Road, Perry City

Meet-up: Corner of Chicken Coop Road and Stillwell Road



Hike #7: Buck Hill Road and Aiken Road, Mecklenburg

Meet-up: Buck Hill Road at the intersection with Route 79, NE corner



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