hike #57

Quiet Tompkins County rural road walks with good scenery. Most are plowed in winter months.


Hike #1: Fisher Settlement Road into Tioga County, South Danby

Meet-up: Fisher Settlement Road a minute south of the intersection with South Danby Road, where the FLT crosses



Hike #2: Hill Road + Curtis Road, South Danby

Meet-up: Corner of Hill Road and Curtis Road, south of Route 96B



Hike #3: Michigan Hollow Road south into Tioga County

Meet-up: Parking lot 2.4 miles south of Route 96B in downtown Danby — parking for Diane’s Crossing, where the FLT crosses



Hike #4: Station Road west from Bald Hill Road to Route 34-96, Danby

Meet-up: Corner of Bald Hill Road and Station Road in Danby SF



Hike #5: Braley Hill Road, Chestnut Road and Bailor Road, Brooktondale

Meet-up: Shindagin State Forest parking lot a little south of the intersection with Bald Hill School Road



Hike #6: Woodard Road, Stone House Road and Van Ostrand Road, Enfield

Meet-up: Woodard Road a little southwest of the junction with Upper Park Road, Upper Treman SP, where the FLT crosses



Hike #7: Red Mill Road, Hile School Road and West Malloryville Road, West Malloryville

Meet-up: Parking lot for the Von Engeln Preserve, West Malloryville Road



Hike #8: Mekeel Road, Reynolds Road and Van Liew, Jacksonville

Meet-up: Corner of Mekeel Road and Jacksonville Road



Hike #9: Actually not a hike itself, but the meet-up spot for several road walks — Lloyd Starks Road at Connecticut Hill Road, CHWMA

Meet-up: Junction of Lloyd Starks Road, Connecticut Hill Road and Boylan Road, Newfield



Hike #10: Hurd Hill Road into Shindagin Hollow SF

Meet at junction of South Rd and Hurd Hill Rd, Town of Caroline

Google pin:

S Rd & Hurd Hill Rd – Google Maps

Hurd Hill Rd does not have a road sign. Look for the first right turn past the juvenile detention facility on South Rd. The only sign at the intersection is an old decrepit brown state forest sign.

Seasonally maintained Hurd Hill Rd gradually descends through state land to the Shindagin Hollow basin, giving hikers  a three season hike option during which we see a portion of the Shindagin Hollow area that the group doesn’t visit during our other Shindagin hikes ( as the road is not maintained, winter hikes of this location are dependent on snow depth ).

Hurd Hill Rd meets Pleasant Valley Rd inside Tioga County, giving the group a choice of directions to hike from that junction.


Hike # 11 Carter Creek Road Walk Hike

Meet: Junction of Carter Creek Rd at intersection with Rowell Hill Rd

Google map

Hike Route Description:

This is primarily a winter hike, although the flat terrain and forest surroundings can make it a pleasant but more exposed summer hike route

Carter Creek Rd beyond Rowell Hill RD is used as a snowmobile route throughout the winter months, making it a compacted snow surface easy for hikers to walk on.

Hikers can opt to turn onto either Lloyd Starks Rd or Hulford RDs to add elevation gain to their hike route as part of an out-and-back hike.

In combination with various skiing trails in the area it is possible to create a loop trail back to the cars. This is at the hike leader’s discretion but should be pre-planned, as it is easy to get lost on the ski trails

Hike 12 — Bald Hill Road to Michigan Hollow Road

Meet at the junction of Bald Hill and Station Roads, Town of Danby

Station Rd & Bald Hill Rd – Google Maps

This is the same intersection we meet at for our most popular route to reach the Pinnacles. The only difference is that instead of turning from Bald Hill Rd onto the Abbott Loop to reach the Pinnacles, continue walking on the seasonal part of Bald Hill Rd until reaching Michigan Hollow Rd.

This isn’t a level walk by any means, but it’s much easier than ascending to The Pinnacles. The road runs through the woods the whole time and the scenery is very pleasant. The road surface is fairly smooth, and you can walk side by side and talk instead of having to walk single file and keep your eyes glued on the trail the whole time.

This road can also be hiked in the reverse direction, starting from Michigan Hollow Rd near the ” Point o’ Rocks” pull-off:

Michigan Hollow Rd & Bald Hill Rd – Google Maps

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