hike #58

Black Diamond Trail

We customarily meet at one of these sites:

Site #1: Kraft Road where the BDT crosses


Site #2: Jacksonville Rd near Taughannock Creek and Taughannock Falls State Park

Black Diamond Trail Trailhead – Google Maps

Site #3 From Cass Park at the Children’s Garden.

This location is less desirable ( to me, at least ) due to the more industrial feel of that section of the Trail as well as its proximity to near-by residential neighborhoods.

Black Diamond Trail Trailhead – Google Maps

The Black Diamond Trail is one of the newer Rail Trails in the county, with a current distance of 8.5 miles with planned extensions coming in the next few years.

Trail map here:

Black Diamond Trail (ny.gov)

More history of the Trail may be found here:

Black Diamond Trail | On the trail, at last!

It’s an enjoyable multi-use footpath shared by walkers, joggers and bicyclists.

Unlike the more rural Finger Lakes Trail footpath the Black Diamond Trail allows hikers to walk next to each other and talk.

There are some nice natural views along the way, consisting of open fields and streams that run along and under the footpath, particularly in the section between Taughannock Falls State Park and Kraft Road

Because the Trail gets so much use, hikers using it in winter should bring foot traction and poles due to the churned up and uneven frozen aspect of the trail surface during winter months.

Last edit: 12/2022 JFR