hike #59

FLT West from Connecticut Hill Rd to Todd Rd and the Van Lone Loop in Schuyler County

Getting to the hike:

This hike starts where the FLT crosses Connecticut Hill Rd near the junction with Cabin Rd

There is a small parking area at the Finger Lakes Trail crossing

42°20’38.1″N 76°40’45.7″W – Google Maps

However, the parking area is extremely small for group hikes; for larger groups it is better for hikers to meet at the junction of Cabin Rd and Connecticut Hill Rd

Connecticut Hill Rd & Cabin Rd – Google Maps

That area has more shoulder available for group parking.

The best approach to Connecticut Hill Rd is Boylan or Cabin Rd via Carter Creek Rd. Hikers with low ground clearance cars should only have problems around the intersection of Connecticut Hill and Cabin Rd, given current road conditions as of summer 2021.

The Hike Route:

This hike starts from Connecticut Hill Rd, passing through some nice examples of the stands of CCC planted red pines that are often found on state land.

As the trail proceeds Westerly, it gradually descends down the Southwesterly slope of Connecticut Hill.

Eventually the Trail turns to the Southwest, travelling in a gradual arc through stands of hardwoods and passing through a small open field before arriving at Todd Rd.

A short jog to the North on Todd Rd brings hikers to the continuation of the FLT.

Passing through some substantial boulders, hikers soon find themselves at a split in the trail between the FLT and the Easterly end of the Van Lone Loop Trail.

If taking the Van Lone Trail at the split, that trail gradually descends towards the streambed below, which it follows for a short time in a Northerly direction before turning briefly towards Todd Rd

For our regular two-hour hikes, from this location Todd Rd can be walked back to the FLT crossing for a return to the vehicles. If hikers want to extend their hike time they can continue on the Van Lone Loop, or skip the Van Lone section entirely and continue on the FLT from where the two trails split. Continuing on the FLT will bring hikers to another section of the same stream as is mentioned above with a somewhat longer hike time.