Hike #60

Assorted further away hikes

Hike # 60-1

FLT from Spruce Pond to Jones Hill, including Fellows Hill Loop Trail

Onondaga County

From Spruce Pond parking area there are several hike options, including the Fellows Hill Loop, hiking the FLT to near-by Jones Hill or Tinker Falls or the Shackham Pond Loop

Meet at Spruce Pond on Herlihy Rd

Spruce Pond – Google Maps

Further information on available trail options for this area are here:

Spruce-Shackham Pond Loop (cnyhiking.com)


Hike # 60-2

FLT in Hoxie Gorge, Cortland County

From Hoxie Gorge Rd, Cortland County

Fingerlakes Trail – Hoxie Gorge Road Acess Trail Trailhead – Google Maps

Look for the marked parking area near the end of Hoxie Gorge Rd

Hoxie Gorge Rd is reduced to a single lane in parts.

DEC information and map here

Hoxie Gorge State Forest – NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation

More information here:

Hoxie Gorge State Forest (cnyhiking.com)

From the parking area hikers can reach the FLT via a blue blazed spur trail or a yellow blazed trail maintained by SUNY Cortland. The SUNY trail is easier going, while the spur trail takes hikers closer to the area streams.

Once at the FLT hikers can hike Northerly for forest and field walks or Southerly through some nice stands of red pines, or a combination of both directions to round out our regular hike duration.


Hike # 60-3

Oakley Corners State Forest

Tioga County

For the southern multi-use trail loops that go around several ponds, from parking lot here:

Oakley Corners State Forest Parking – Google Maps

The parking lot is not well signed; the Google pin is accurate as to the parking lot location.

There is another parking area for the more Northerly multi-use trail circuit which feature more elevation gain or loss

State DEC information here:

Oakley Corners State Forest – NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation

The DEC map at that link is inadequate in displaying the trail numbering used within the forest.

Oakley Corners State Forest, Owego Mountain Biking Trails | Trailforks


Map: Oakley Corners State Forest | Andy Arthur.org

More information here:

Oakley Corners State Forest (cnyhiking.com)

Oakley Corners State Forest | Cycle-CNY


Hike 60- 4

Jenksville State Forest

Tioga County

Multiple trail combinations

From Allison Hill Rd parking area:

Jenskville State Forest Parking Lot – Google Maps

From Shirley Rd parking area:

Jenksville State Forest parking – Google Maps

DEC information on the Forest:

Jenksville State Forest – NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation

More information available here:

Jenksville State Forest (cnyhiking.com)


Hike # 60-5

Logan Hill Nature Preserve

Meet-up: parking lot for Candor Junior/Senior High School

Park at the entrance to the parking lot nearest Main Street, right in front of the Post Office.


The hike goes from this parking lot across Main Street to Water Street, which becomes Logan Hill Road. It is about 0.6 miles from the parking lot to the first trailhead. Logan Hill Road makes a 90 degree turn to the right (west) at the top of the hill, and the trailhead is about 200 feet on the right after that turn.

The main trail is the yellow trail. Staying on the yellow trail makes the hike 4.4 miles out and back to the parking lot. There is a blue trail short cut that makes the hike 0.75 miles shorter.

Hike # 60 – 6

The FLT to Woodchuck Hollow Lean-To, Cortland County

From Carson Rd, Cortland County

See Tuller Hill State Forest map here

Tuller Hill State Forest Map and Guide (ny.gov)

Google Pin for the trailhead:

Fingerlakes Trail – Carson Road trailhead – Google Maps

Parking is along the shoulder, with no dedicated parking lot.

Leaving Carson Rd the FLT climbs a short ways through pine forests and along old stone walls.

Starting to descend through mixed woods, the Trail follows along and crosses over some nice streams.

Eventually the Trail arrives at Woodchuck Hollow Lean-To.

We turn this into a lollipop hike by continuing on the FLT past the Lean-To to a blue blazed trail that connects back to a part of the FLT we passed through on our way to the Lean-To.

Once back on the FLT we return to our cars on Carson Rd

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