hike #61

Blue-blazed trail starting at Boylan Road and Hulford roads, Connecticut Hill WMA

Meet at the junction of Boylan and Hulford Rds in the town of Newfield to hike the blue-blazed trail that follows a stream toward Carter Creek Rd. Interesting features along this trail include at least one small waterfall. This is an out-and-back hike.

Google Maps doesn’t show the blue-blazed trail or its waterway. To see the creek this trail follows, look on the attached map copied from Nancy L’s hike software. The blue blazed trail starts west of Hulford Rd and runs south to Carter Creek Rd.

Directions to trailhead:

From the three-way intersection of Boylan, Connecticut Hill, and Lloyd Stark Roads, follow Boylan Rd 1.1 miles to get to the trailhead. Because Boylan becomes a seasonal road after it meets Hulford Rd, it may be impassable in winter. Because of this, we will park at the intersection of Boylan and Hulford Rds and walk a short distance on the seasonal portion of Boylan Rd to reach the trailhead.

This is a Google map pin to the junction of Boylan and Hulford Roads:

Hulford Rd & Boylan Rd – Google Maps