hike # 63

Shindagin Hollow Figure Eight Trillium Hike, Town of Caroline

This hike was created in the spring of 2022, combining elements of several other Shindagin hikes so that we could check out the Trilliums in full bloom along the lower portions of Shindagin Hollow Rd without having a hike dedicated solely to road walking.

Most of our Shindagin hikes have us meeting at the snowplow turn-around where the maintained part of Shindagin Hollow Rd ends at the top of the hill, or in the valley where the FLT bridge crosses as the FLT heads towards South Rd.

This hike has us meeting about half-way down the seasonal part of the road, where the Shindagin Rim Trail comes out of the woods into a small parking lot opposite the Jeep Trail, which has a yellow metal gate across that unmaintained road.

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Jeep Trail & Shindagin Hollow Rd – Google Maps

This figure eight hike entails starting from the parking lot opposite the Jeep trail, hiking in on the Jeep Trail a few hundred yards before turning onto the FLT. Hike the FLT down to Shindagin Hollow Road, and from there walk Shindagin Hollow Rd back to the cars.

Once at the cars, hikers jump onto the Shindagin Rim Trail and walk that to its opposite end where it emerges back onto Shindagin Hollow Rd. Once back on Shindagin Hollow Rd, walk back to the cars.

In the spring the near-by trillium blooms along Shindagin Hollow Rd make for enjoyable scenery.

Combining the Jeep trail with the various bike trails that cover the hillside offers various hike route options to change up the hike route as needed. Maps of the Shindagin bicycle trails can be found here:

Shindagin – Directions and Trail maps for Shindagin Hollow, near Ithaca, NY

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