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Robinson Hollow State Forest – Two Hikes

Robinson Hollow State Forest is a 1,938 acre state forest that has parts of three counties within its boundaries. The Tompkins County portion of the forest is in the southeastern parts of the towns of Dryden and Caroline.

General information about the forest and a map may be found here:

Robinson Hollow State Forest – NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation

and here:

NCT – Hamond Hill & Robinson Hollow (cnyhiking.com)

We have two points of access to hike the FLT through Robinson Hollow State Forest.

Hike 1:

From the north end of the forest, we can enter from the FLT crossing on Harford Slaterville Rd, located approximately here:

Harford Slaterville Rd – Google Maps

Parking is minimal at the trailhead, with wider shoulders available for parking up or down Harford Slaterville Rd from the trailhead. Because of this limitation, starting a group hike from this location is best done only as a three-season hike on Wednesdays when group sizes tend to be smaller than on the weekend hikes. Winter hikes from this location should be avoided due to the lack of adequate parking.

From Harford Slaterville Rd, walk south across the beaver pond (watch for beaver activity!) and then begin a gradual ascent up the hillside.

The trail soon hits a false peak and from there begins a gradual rise and fall as it winds across the hills. The trail passes through a mix of evergreen and hardwood trees, goes through a gas pipeline right-of-way and along the remnants of both old and new logging roads. Minimal undergrowth along parts of the trail allows for relatively long line of sight across the forest floor, and the pine needles underfoot in this section make for an enjoyable hike.

Soon the trail passes through the remnants of an old stone wall and begins a gradual but steady descent that passes along the state forest property line and nearby meadows on private property. Watch for the remnants of stone walls and other traces of past habitation of these former farmlands along the trail.

Hike 2:

If you’re hiking north through the state forest, the closest parking option is just over the Tompkins – Tioga county line, on the left side of Robinson Hollow Rd, 0.3 miles from State Route 79, approximately here:

Robinson Hollow Rd – Google Maps

Parking is limited, and neighbors to the trailhead parking area are sensitive about hikers parking cars on their lawns.

The nature of the trail from this location is an immediate uphill climb away from Robinson Hollow Rd for about half a mile. Eventually the trail levels out and follows an old logging road as it travels north. The trail eventually makes a sharp descent toward a stream; a small detour allows you to reach the Kimmee lean-to before continuing north on the trail.

Here is a Youtube video on this hike starting from location #2:

(321) Finger Lakes Trail – Robinson Hollow State Forest | Central NY Trails Less Traveled – YouTube

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