hike #7

Lick Brook  

Meet-up:  Corner of Sandbank Road and Town Line Road, Danby

Click here to see the Google Maps page showing the location.

This is one of our best hikes. The high point is walking up and down the steep slope from the open fields below in the inlet valley to Town Line Road at the top of the hill.  But there are also another big field and a large pine grove at the top of the hill, all very pleasing to walk through, and several stream crossings that can be fun.

Click here and scroll down to see a map that clearly shows the trails that make up this walk. Initially we see the trail skirting two big flat areas (fields) and then crossing Lick Brook.  This is where the steep uphills start, as you can see from the contours.  The dark trail runs up the hill along the rim of the brook gorge. Very abrupt and strenuous – great dramatic views – beautiful. The white trail, the FLT, is a more gradual but equally beautiful and dramatic way up. Both are fabulous.

Across Town Line Road the trail runs through pine woods and then veers out onto a field.  Not as dramatic as the uphill routes, but very satisfying.

Be sure to check out the falls at the beginning of the uphill stretch, either on the way up or the way down.  The brook flow can be low sometimes in dry weather, but if there’s enough water running the falls are delightful to visit.