Report to Hikers — week of Mar 9-Mar 15

Hello Hikers!

Wed Mar 11

Six Mile Creek, from Mulholland Wildflower Preserve to Potter’s Falls

This is a great walk, and we used to do it much more often, but the city drastically reduced the space in the parking lot some years ago, and now we can’t do the hike on weekends because there’s not enough room to park for everyone.

This is Potter’s Falls

When we got back to the cars, we realized one of the hikers was missing. Luckily someone had her phone number. It turned out she’d stopped to take a phone call and then couldn’t find the trail. She ended up in Commonland and headed up to Route 79 and walked back along the highway.

Official head count: 23H, three D

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Jack V


Sat Mar 14

Willseyville Creek south of Ridgeway Road, Caroline

This big pond runs along the east side of the old railroad right-of-way

Official head count: 22H, two D

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Jack V



Sun Mar 15

Danby SF loop trail — Bald Hill Road, Dove’s Trail, Abbott Loop north leg, and Chestnut lean-to trail

Official head count: 29H, five D

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Jack V


Report to Hikers — week of Mar 2-Mar 8

Hello Hikers!

Wed Mar 4

Cornell natural areas along Fall Creek from Flat Rock to Beebe Lake

Lovely morning, around 40 and the sun kept going in and out of the clouds — I stood here looking over the creek for several minutes hoping the sun would pop out — finally it did and I like the effect

The arboretum

Mundy Wildflower Garden

The bridge over the downstream end of Beebe Lake

We swung by the Cornell Dairy Bar on the way back to the cars. Some of the prices seemed a bit steep ….

Official head count: 21H, three D


Sat Mar 7

Route 13 west on the FLT into Treman SP

Official head count: 22H, five D

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Sun Mar 8

Monkey Run Natural Area, Varna side

Official head count: 27H, four D

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Report to Hikers — week of Feb 24-Mar 1

Hello Hikers!

Wed Feb 26

Black Diamond Trail north of Perry City Road, town of Ulysses

I love the scenery along the hillside overlooking the lake as you drive on the back roads toward Taughannock — it was especially lovely this morning because we had some extreme atmospherics

The snow and ice from the big storm were pretty much all gone in town, but there was still a lot up here, more than I expected

If you look at the snow in the parking lot, maybe you can see it’s a bit bumpy and choppy. It was slightly melted, but the overall effect was unpleasant for walking.

The setting along the trail is decent, especially on a foggy day, but I found walking on the choppy snow to be really tiring.

Official head count: 17H, three D


Sat Feb 29

Connecticut Hill WMA — road walk — Lloyd Starks Road and Carter Creek Road

Mid teens, snowing and many roads unplowed — I suspect the 9 am conditions may have kept some hikers home

Great winter atmospherics at the trail head

Heading south on Lloyd Starks Road — there was a good layer of fresh snow on the frozen base that seems to linger all winter — the snow wasn’t slippery but walking in it was quite fatiguing

The road has a sizeable uphill climb in each direction — great for exercise but a little grueling

A great morning for moody scenery

Carter Creek Road

Carter Creek

My ass was really dragging by the time we got back to the cars — but I loved being in the woods

Official head count: 13H, three D


Sun March 1

Areas along Fall Creek — Renwick Woods, Fuertes bird Sanctuary, Stewart Par and the Newman golf course

Official head count: 21H, five D

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Jack V