Announcing a lively new feature for our web site

Hello Hikers!

Posted by shesse

Jim and Nancy H have been actively trying to bring new people into our group through the Meetup app, and having a good deal of success; seems like we get some new faces every week. Jim said that he can often hear newer members chatting behind him and asking about the background and history of the group, which has never been documented and has always been a bit murky to everyone. So Jim asked me if I could package something up that will give outsiders an idea of who we are ands how the group evolved. Here it is:

An illustrated history of the Ithaca Hikers

This history will always be available on the web site in the “MENU” widget — click the drop-down and you’ll see the heading. Sometimes history can be dull; I definitely focused on trying to make this one lively. Hope I succeeded.