Report to Hikers: Christmas Day — two hikes and a get-together

Hello Hikers!

Hike #1: Special flat hike from Town Line Road to Yaple Road, Danby

Official head count for the flat hike: 17H, five D

Hike #2: Steep hike along Lick Brook down from Town Line Road to Route 13 and back up

Tiger and I both walked with the flat hikers, so there was no one to take photos or get an official head count for the Lick Brook hike. There were at least 10H and three D that we were aware of — could have been more too ….

Get-together at Katharine’s

Katharine was working under a real handicap to get this event ready — she broke her wrist a few weeks ago and she has a hard cast on her left forearm so she can’t use the hand — still able to pull everything together beautifully — great organization and traffic flow past the food and into the seats — very festive and lively — we left just before 2 pm and people were still coming