Report to Hikers: week of Dec 31-Jan 6

Wed Jan 2

Two quiet farm roads in South Danby

This spot, the corner of Hill Road and Curtis Road, is a great spot if you’re into road walking. There are three different walks, all excellent, that begin here. Two are woods roads; the one we did is paved.
We began by walking east on Hill Road toward South Danby Road
I love rolling hills and old farmhouses nestled in hollows, so I’m a big fan of this stretch of the road
Now we’re on the way back from South Danby Road — great distant view — there’s basically no houses visible from here — you can really see why this is called “Hill” Road if you click on the pphoto and look at how the road undulates and rises
This one stretch past the farm houses looks equally great when you look at it from either direction
Back at the starting point, first leg of the walk finished
The group’s now walking north on Curtis Road toward Route 96B
I love overgrown fields like this in winter, especially on a gloomy day
Not the most prosperous-looking farm countryside, but very picturesque ….
…. assuming you like decayed barns
This little dome house is quite out of place — straight out of the Whole Earth Catalogue 1970

Official head count: 14H, one D

More photos:

Jack V


Sat Jan 5

Stewart Park to the Farmers’ Market along the lake — followed by a belated New Year’s get-together

I was afraid we’d have to start the walk in the rain, but the storm (which wasn’t predicted) moved off shortly before hike time. One result was that the only people who turned out were hikers who don’t stay home just because they might get wet
The storm left behind some fantastic atmospherics
Not everyone shown ….

Get-together at the small pavilion in Stewart Park

The weather changed shortly before we got back to the pavilion — sun came out — wind picked up a little
The breeze wasn’t all that strong but it was enough to feel really cold if you had your gloves off, which everyone did so they could handle the food. The nagging wind got oppressive and we broke up a little early.

Official head counts:

Hike — 27H, six D

Get-together — five more people and four more D

More photos:

Jack V


Sun Jan 6

Layen Road to Bruce Hill Road and beyond, Jersey Hill, Danby

Very bad weather was being predicted shortly before hike time — snow and rain likely, and high winds
This walk includes a long stretch through wide open fields — I was here once in the winter when the wind was so fierce we had to turn back after just a couple of minutes
It wasn’t bad at all this time.

Somehow, we never manage to get all the hikers into the formal portraits ….
Notice the guy in the black shirt not wearing a jacket? That’s Casey — amazingly cold-hardy — though he suffers from cold hands so he wears fancy heated gloves
Maybe the trees that surround the field were holding back the wind — in any case, it wasn’t particularly cold or miserable at al
Very nice in the woods
This is Bruce Hill Road
Once we reach this point,time starts to run short — there are two attractions to be seen up ahead, a picturesque quarry and another large and dramatic field — unfortunately, if we stop for the quarry, there’s not enough time to reach the field ….
We chose to go straight to the field — stood around for a couple of minutes, then had to turn back
There’s a very striking and beautiful gorge in the right side of the photo — too bad you can’t really discern it.

Didn’t rain, no more than a few specks of snow. Very nice walk

Official head count: 24H, six D