Report to Hikers: week of Feb 11-Feb 17

Hello Hikers!

Wed Feb 13

Stevens Suspension Bridge, Cornell golf course and Cornell horse barns, Forest Home

Official head count: 14H, one D


Sat Feb 16

Danby SF: Fisher Settlement Road east toward the Tamarack Lean-to on the FLT

Official head count: 20H and ….

More photos:

Jack V


Sun Feb 17

Potato Hill SF, east toward Blackman Hill Road and beyond on the FLT

The trail surface was on the borderline of being unwalkable — scattered frozen footprints — very hard on the ankles. But we decided to push on anyway. There was a stiff crust on the unbroken snow and I chose to walk on that
A lot of this woods is pretty scrubby, but it has a certain subtle charm
This is Blackman Hill Road — the scenery changes dramatically
You can supposedly see into Pennsylvania from this stretch
It was really fantastic to stand around in this huge open area in the gorgeous sunshine
By the time we headed back, the trail was nicely trampled down and it was much easier walking. We made it back to the cars almost 15 minutes faster than we did on the outbound leg of the walk. We were also sped along by something I never noticed before — I always thought this trail was flat, but actually there’s a bit of a rise going outbound

Official head count: 22H, two D

More photos:

Jack V

I realized I haven’t gotten photos of our newest regular hikers in a while for our photo ID page, which you can always access through the Home page of our web site. This is Jim, who joined us a year ago. He’s become our most rugged hiker, regularly going out in all kinds of horrible weather.