Report to Hikers: week of April 15-April 21

Hello Hikers!

Wed April 17

Woods road walk — Curtis Road, South Danby

It was an exceptionally nice morning with a wonderful sense of spring in the air. There is a delightfully cute goat and this little horse who live next to the road — they were dashing around excitedly as we walked past, creating a classic idyllic scene — Tiger was very taken with the hors
There’s been a lot of recent logging by the state along the road === I really like the way the logging has opened the woods up — it creates a whole different mood
This is where Curtis Road ends, at South Danby Road — very conveniently, walking down and turning right around makes for almost exactly a two-hour hike

Official head count: 14H, one D

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Jack V


Sat April 20

Bob Cameron Loop, Connecticut Hill Wildlife Management Area, Newfield

It was extremely wet and muddy in spots — my shoes were caked in mud by the end
Many areas of beautiful scenery — combined with the fog, it made for a great morning

Official head count: 19H, five D

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Jack V


Sun April 21

Layen Road to Bruce Hill Road and beyond on the FLT, Danby

Official head count: 29H, five D

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Jack V

Easter get-together at Katharine’s
Extremely lively and festive — almost everyone who hiked came on to the party, and a large number of people who didn’t hike also showed up. One drawback: the noise level started to sound like the atmosphere at a brew pub. One failure: No one brought potato chips, as far as I could discover