Report to Hikers: week of April 29-May 5

Hello Hikers!

Wed May 1

Lands belonging to the YMCA and Ecovillage, West Hill

Official head count: 15H, one D

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Jack V


Sat May 4

Wildflower walk, Shindagin Hollow Road, Brooktondale

It rained overnight and the rim trail was extremely wet and muddy — I slipped at one point and fell sideways against a tree stump which had a stub sticking out that jabbed into my side pretty hard — sore and bruised the next morning
There were indeed a lot of trilliums and other wild flowers along the lower stretch of the road just as Annie said in her preview report — but the rain that fell overnight caused them to sag and droop, so the flowers weren’t as visible as usual.

Official head count: 29H, six D

More photos:

Jack V

You can see Annie’s preview photos here


Sun May 5

Malloryville countryside with Bob B

It was raining a bit on the drive to the hike — no rain while we were walking — started raining again on the drive home ….. the damp cloudy atmospherics were fantastic
The high point of this hike is walking across a large beaver dam. I think it’s great fun but it makes some of the hikers nervous; they’re concerned it might give way. This photo was taken by Norm, who was wearing high rubber boots and who waded out into the water just downstream of the dam to get the shot
This is what the dam crossing looks like from up at the level of the dam
This is one of a series of eskers we walk on — there’s a pretty big drop off to both sides
The old railroad right-of-way — view from one of the high trestles down to Fall Creek
Inside the Malloryville bog
This normally isn’t a hike where we do a group shot, but we had a visiting hiker, Adnan K (in pants #46), who asked for a photo with everyone — for the second time in a row, all the hikers made it into the portrait.

Official head count: 22H, four D