Report to Hikers: week of May 13-May 19

Hello Hikers!

Wed May 15

Connecticut Hill WMA — loop trail on the FLT and Ridge Road south of Boylan Road

This is a new trail for us that Nancy L worked out while she was exploring this part of Connecticut Hill. It was pretty much unfamiliar territory for all of us
We had one stream crossing with steep high banks — a bit of a challenge — everyone else had to climb down and then back up the other side — Eckhart is 87

Official head count: 17H, three D

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Sat May 18

Road walk — Beck Farm, Red Mill Road, West Malloryville

We came upon a very large area of trilliums in full bloom — not as striking as the trilliums we recently saw at our official trillium viewing site on lower Shindagin Hollow Road, which spread far up the side of a deep ravine, but very impressive

Official head count: 19H, three D


Sun May 19

Upper Black Diamond Trail and south rim trail, Taughannock Falls SP

It was sunnier and hotter than predicted — our car thermometer read 85 as we headed home — there was no shade on part of the Black Diamond Trail and I was starting to feel a little punchy on the return leg
We have several regular hikers who often arrive late but have a great ability to find us — it’s always fun to suddenly see them pop up — this is Katharine, our main party hostess

Official head count: 23H, five D

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Jack V