Report to Hikers: week of May 28-June 2

Hello Hikers!

Wed May 29

Robinson Hollow SF, Tioga County

I love it when a hike takes out into the deep countryside, someplace I would never otherwise have any reason to go. It’s a great chance to do a little looking around and satisfy my curiosity
Robinson Hollow Road, where this trail segment starts, has an interesting vibe, IMO. It starts out seeming a little down at the heels when you turn in from Route 79, but very peaceful, and surrounded by beautiful hills. There’s a bunch of mobile homes but they’re pretty much clustered on the corner, and as you drive up the narrow road, the houses thin out and become more substantial, though still colorfully unpretentious.
This barn and farm house are just down the street from the trail head. The property is bordered by a very lively brook.
This place is right across the street from the trail parking lot. Notice the street sign name.
I find the overall mood of this neighborhood very pleasing.
Anyway, back to our walk ….

Official head count: 21H, one D


Sat June 1

Michigan Hollow Road east on the Abbott Loop to Hill Road and beyond

The hiker with the beard is Allen Q — I mention him because he took a series of photos that I’ve linked to right below — Crossing the big stream — it was very dark and Allen was using an older camera so the image quality is a little soft — but it’s a fun set of shots

You can see Allen’s photos here

Official head count: 17H, four D


Sun June 2

Four-mile loop, Connecticut Hill WMA, with Dave G

I’m so glad I wasn’t spooked into cancelling this walk by all the bad weather predictions. It was raining on the way to the trail head , and I was wondering if I’d made a bad call and if anyone would show up except our small super-hard core group. We did get a little light rain during the walk but the leaves pretty much completely shielded us. As usual when there’s stormy weather in the vicinity of our walk, the atmospherics were fabulous, and we had a wonderful hike.

Official head count: 19H, four D